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At Nectry, we’re in the business of empowering the go-getters, the business optimizers in every team. These proactive minds are always looking for ways to boost business – from improving processes and cutting costs to increasing sales and making customers smile. They're the ones automating tasks and using smart data to make better decisions. Our mission is simple: to give these innovators the tools they need to bring their ideas to life, all without needing to know coding.


Nectry is at the forefront of no-code application development, offering an innovative platform designed to empower the creation of enterprise-grade applications. This platform is the product of a unique blend of formal methods, functional programming, and artificial intelligence. It enables efficient, scalable application development that meets the highest standards of security and compliance, without requiring users to have coding expertise.

Technical Innovations

Formal Methods

By incorporating formal methods, Nectry introduces the precision of mathematical proofs into the software development process. Traditionally reserved for high-stakes fields like avionics and medical monitoring, these methods ensure applications perform reliably, safely, and securely. The rigorous validation process minimizes errors and vulnerabilities, safeguarding against both common and sophisticated threats.

Functional Programming

Functional-programming principles guide our platform's architecture, emphasizing immutable data and pure functions. This approach not only makes the development process more predictable but also significantly reduces the likelihood of bugs. It fosters a development environment that is easy to understand and maintain, contributing to the overall reliability and efficiency of applications developed on Nectry.

AI-Driven Interface

Our platform leverages an AI-driven interface to simplify the application development process. Users need only describe the behavior they want, and the AI both provides them with pretested components and helps them configure them into complex applications. This innovative approach makes application development accessible to a wider audience, enabling users without coding skills to create robust, enterprise-class applications.



Efficiency and Scalability

Nectry applies cutting-edge compiler technology to generate very efficient code automatically. Our platform is designed to support scalability, accommodating business growth seamlessly. Applications can thus handle increasing loads and complexities without compromising on performance.

Security and Compliance

Security and compliance are paramount at Nectry. Our platform is engineered to protect against both common and advanced cybersecurity threats, adhering to stringent security standards. We also ensure compliance with relevant industry regulations, making Nectry ideal for sectors where data protection and privacy are paramount.


Nectry democratizes application development, making it accessible to nontechnical users. Our AI-enhanced interface allows for the intuitive selection and configuration of pretested components, lowering the barrier to entry and enabling a broader audience to develop custom applications.


The combination of formal methods and functional programming underpins the reliability of applications built with Nectry. This dual approach not only verifies the correctness of software from a mathematical standpoint but also minimizes bugs through the use of immutable data and pure functions. As a result, Nectry delivers dependable applications with minimal downtime, enhancing the user experience.

Use Cases

Nectry's versatility enables its use across a wide spectrum of applications, from business process automation to analysis and reporting, and from creating customer and employee portals to system integration. This flexibility makes it a powerful tool for businesses looking to streamline operations, enhance data flows, and improve overall efficiency.


The story of Nectry is rooted in the vision of Adam Chlipala, an MIT professor with a passion for programming languages and formal methods. His journey began with a summer internship, building enterprise web applications, quickly noticing how much of the work was just repetitive tasks ripe for a streamlined solution. Adam's academic pursuits at Carnegie Mellon in functional programming and later at Berkeley with computer theorem-proving techniques provided the building blocks for a framework to simplify the complex. It was during his tenure at MIT that Adam wove these threads into the fabric of a platform with a large language model (LLM) as its intuitive frontend to create Nectry – a no-code development platform with a mission to democratize high-quality coding and ensure that proper behavior in complex programs is a given, not a gamble.


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Chief Scientist


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Chief Executive Officer


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Chief Product Officer


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Chief Technology Officer


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