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At Nectry, we’re in the business of empowering the go-getters, the business optimizers in every team. These proactive minds are always looking for ways to boost business – from improving processes and cutting costs to increasing sales and making customers smile. They're the ones automating tasks and using smart data to make better decisions. Our mission is simple: to give these innovators the tools they need to bring their ideas to life, all without needing to know coding.


Nectry is a next-generation no-code application development platform for building enterprise-class applications. It enables companies to rapidly – 10x faster than traditional methods – build applications incorporating modern and legacy systems, data sources, collaboration systems, and third-party services without writing or reading code. Our AI-powered interface guides the user in assembling pre-tested components to produce high-performance and scalable applications conforming to the company’s security, compliance, and privacy policies. Nectry can be used for a wide range of applications, including Business Process Automation, Reporting and Analysis, Automated Data Flows, and Machine Learning Operations Automation.

Nectry uses state-of-the-art concepts in software engineering, including advanced type systems, static analysis, and expressive, functional components - making software more robust, efficient, and easier to work with, which is essential in a world increasingly dependent on complex software systems.

Nectry stands apart from LLM-based code generators like ChatGPT and Copilot by leveraging a no-code approach that prioritizes determinism and reliability in application development. Instead of generating code based on language models, which can sometimes produce unpredictable ‘hallucinations,’ Nectry employs an intuitive chatbot-guided interface to seamlessly assemble pre-tested components. Our chatbot produces complete app descriptions at a level that can be read and edited in the form of English paragraphs, not obscure code. This approach makes app development deterministic and accessible to everyone, regardless of their coding knowledge. Nectry is the ideal solution for efficiently turning innovative ideas into reality without the complexities of traditional coding.

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The story of Nectry is rooted in the vision of Adam Chlipala, an MIT professor with a passion for programming languages and formal methods. His journey began with a summer internship, building enterprise web applications, quickly noticing how much of the work was just repetitive tasks ripe for a streamlined solution. Adam's academic pursuits at Carnegie Mellon in functional programming and later at Berkeley with computer theorem-proving techniques provided the building blocks for a framework to simplify the complex. It was during his tenure at MIT that Adam wove these threads into the fabric of a platform with a large language model (LLM) as its intuitive frontend to create Nectry – a no-code development platform with a mission to democratize high-quality coding and ensure that proper behavior in complex programs is a given, not a gamble.


Adam Chlipala

CEO, Co-Founder


Marco Farsheed

COO, Co-Founder


Diou Shi

CPO, Co-Founder


Dan Winograd-Cort

CTO, Co-Founder


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