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Scalable and Secure Enterprise Applications

next-generation no-code application development platform

Born out of MIT, Nectry enables organizations to rapidly build enterprise software 10 times faster while guaranteeing the application is efficient, reliable and scalable and meets the highest standards in security and compliance. With our AI-powered interface, users can effortlessly design custom applications: a conversational bot translates simple English into configurations from Nectry’s functional components.

Rooted in advanced research in software engineering

Nectry’s approach integrates software quality and security from the ground up. Nectry’s cutting-edge compiler optimizes the entire program, generating efficient and scalable software that exceeds critical compliance requirements such as GDPR, HIPAA, and ISO.

Broad Use Cases

Nectry can be used for a wide range of applications - from simple to complex - including business process automation, reporting and analysis, customer and employee portals and ACID-Compliant transactional applications.

For visionary business executives and CIOs, Nectry offers more than a leap in application development speed and quality—it provides a strategic edge in technological leadership, delivering on the promise of efficient, secure, and agile software creation.

Key Advantages

Speed and Efficiency

  • 10x faster development of enterprise-grade apps
  • Simple integration with various modern and legacy systems and services

High Performance

  • Optimized compiled code for peak efficiency and performance
  • Use the cloud provider of your choice, including Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure

User-Friendly Design Process

  • Intuitive application design interface powered by AI
  • No coding knowledge is required
  • Role-based views tailored to user personas

Unmatched Security & Compliance

  • Robust protection against web and security vulnerabilities
  • Fine-grained access control for diverse user authorities
  • Enforce security and compliance via information-flow policies at compile time
  • Company data is safeguarded within the company’s confines and is never used for AI training

Sample Use Cases


Business Process Automation

Create apps to integrate multiple systems, data sources and services to automate processes.

Business Intelligence

Reporting and Analysis

Streamline reporting and analysis by effortlessly integrating and synthesizing data from multiple sources, enabling comprehensive insights.


Transactional Applications

Efficiently build scalable, robust, ACID-compliant enterprise transactional applications.


Web Portals

Rapidly build scalable customer and employee web portals that meet the highest standards in security and compliance.


System Migration

Facilitate seamless system migration, effcienctly transferring data and processes between systems, ensuring a smooth transition with minimal disruptions to business operations.


Endless Possibilities.....

We are scatching the surface. Nectry has immense power and flexibility for a wide array of uses cases. What specific needs or challenges can we help you to address?

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